Benefits of Heat Therapy

What is radiofrequency therapy?

You might experience that you have more pain during the cold seasons. That is because cold temperature contracts your blood vessels and causes poor blood circulation. Based on Asian medicine theories, pain starts due to coldness, blocked Qi, and blood circulation. You also may notice that symptoms like heaviness and low energy get better after taking a hot shower or hot bath.

Modern health scientists are saying that lowering body temperature by 1°C causes decreased metabolic ratio and level of immunity by 12% and 30%, respectively.

What are the benefits from radiofrequency therapy?

Meta Clinic provides therapy using radio frequency in order to warm body-temperature by enhancing blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. Increased blood and lymphatic circulation will reduce muscle tension that directly related pain on the neck, shoulder, and lower back. Also heat helps warm on the lower stomach for females with menstrual pain, irregular menstruation or infertility.

Also, radio frequency therapy stimulates digestive track function in order to help vagus indigestion, and stomach pain.

The treatment is not just used for pain management. The treatment is also used for diet purposes. Because radio frequency is strong enough to penetrate and warm internal organs, it could be used to melt body fat underneath the skin and visceral fat.

How it works?

The therapy uses radio frequency that is produced by a radio wave to heat up a small area of nerve tissue or muscle. The machine works as a portable microwave oven which uses different wavelength of radio wave to vibrate water molecule to generate heat. Chances for having side effects from the radiofrequency treatment is relatively low and is known to be safe.

Symptoms that can be helped by radio frequency therapy:

  • Pain Management: Lower back pain, upper back pain, headache, elbow pain, TMJ
  • Gynecological issue Management: coldness on lower stomach, menstrual pain, irregular menstruation period, infertility, and climacterium/menopause.
  • Diet and Beauty: Reducing visceral fat and body fat, cellulite, rough skin tightening, and edema.
  • Gastro-intestine Management: chronic indigestion and vagus indigestion.
  • Mood Management: depressional feeling, and stress related symptoms.

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